Starvation Blockades, The: the Naval Blockades of Ww1

Starvation Blockades, The: the Naval Blockades of Ww1 by HAWKINS NIGEL

156 x 234mm

During World War I Britain and Germany tried to starve each other into submission by the use of naval blockades that caused terrible deprivation to civilian populations. This graphic new volume describes the strategy and tactics of the blockades and their importance in deciding the outcome of the war. The many elements covered include the torpedoing of the Lusitania, German plots detected by British intelligence, Q-ships, armed freighters, and air ships. The author contends that the entry of the United States into the war and the introduction of convoys were the ultimate weapons in holding the U-boat threat at bay. Based on years of research, this book will appeal to everyone with an interest in World War I and the strategic use of blockades. 142 photographs
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