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    Tabloid Nation: The Rise And Fall Of The Tabloid In The 20th Century

    By: Chris Horrie

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    The 'Daily Mirror' was the first British tabloid and now, exactly 100 years after its launch in 1903, it is certain to be one of the last.

    Chris Horrie, author of the highly acclaimed and best-selling history of the 'Sun' newspaper 'Stick It Up Your Punter!', now claims that the tabloids have had their day, laid low by drastically falling circulations, fatal competition from weekly celebrity magazines such as 'Hello' and 'OK!', tabloid TV and the Internet with its 24 hour feeds.

    By turns hilarious and illuminating, 'Tabloid Century' is the definitive insider report on the state of the tabloids today. Using the birth of the 'Daily Mirror' as it's starting point, the book charts the rise and fall of the tabloid which remains such an integral part of the 20th century British popular culture, and provides a fascinating expose on the state of these newspapers today; their links to the worlds of celebrity hype, New Labour politics, cable TV, internet porn - and even the fringes of organised crime.

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