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    The Ancient Eygptian Tarot - Book & Cards

    By: Clive Barrett

    Date Released
    Box Set

    Out of Print

    2 Books and Tarot Cards in an Attractive Slipcase.
    New Edition.

    This pack includes:
    - Tarot cards
    - Guide book
    - Hardcover journal

    Newly issued in an attractive chunky slipcase, 'The Ancient Egyptian Tarot' returns the Tarot to the land of its ancestors. Based on Ancient Egyptian life and mythology, this stunning pack includes a Tarot deck, accompanying handbook and hardback journal.

    - The origins of the Tarot and the conventionally accepted view that it originated in Egypt.
    - The meanings of each card, along with instructions on how to lay out and read the cards.
    - How traditional Tarot imagery corresponds with the resurrection cycle of Osiris.
    - The Major Arcana's central theme is the story of Osiris and his resurrection by the hands of Isis.
    - The Minor Arcana reflects the culture of the Ancient Egyptians based upon genuine wall paintings and carvings from their tombs and temples.

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