The Beautiful Machine

The Beautiful Machine by Graeme Fife
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Graeme Fife has been riding a bike since he discovered, aged five, that escaping from home on two wheels was a lot faster and took him a lot farther than was possible on foot. He soon allied love of what was, admittedly, quite a humble version of the beautiful machine - a solid-tyred, overweight rattler - with a tenacious grip on independence.

It was on a bike that Fife visited a girlfriend in France, who introduced him not only to raclette and the Tour de France but also to French cycling journalism. Since then, the passion has seeded books, articles, epic rides, acquaintance with some of the most illustrious men in cycling as well as staunch friendships on and off the bike.

This is bare-knuckle writing at its most punchy, rippling with wit and energy. It is a celebration of the bicycle and the joy, wonder, adventure, good times and bad, bad times associated with it, and of the people who ride and with whom Fife has ridden. Here are explorations of all dimensions of the experience, on, round, with, via and about the beautiful machine.
Publication Date:
02 / 07 / 2007

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