The Chinese Art Of Winning: Strategems For Success

The Chinese Art Of Winning: Strategems For Success by Chao-Hsiu Chen

121 x 200mm

Sometimes life is a battle, and we need all the help we can get to achieve our goals. The ancient Chinese knew that force was not always the answer, and that a well though-out strategy was a more effective way to success. They developed cunning stratagems that became established as proverbs, and their wisdom became used for everyday situations as much as for winning wars.

In this book, Chao-Hsiu Chen has gathered together over 100 sayings from classic texts, which include Sun Tse's 'The Art Of War'. In the first part of the book they will teach you the art of subterfuge - how to strengthen yourself for battle, how to exploit your opponent's weaknesses, and how to turn difficult events to your advantage. The second part presents an A-Z of everyday situations so whenever you need a helping hand you can quickly find the relevant stratagems.

If you want to get ahead in business, win someone's heart, or simply better organise your life, you now have ancient Chinese wisdom to guide your way to success.
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