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    The Complete Idiot's Guide To Being A Vegetarian

    By: Frankie Avalon Wolfe

    Date Released

    Out of Print

    Second Edition.
    Part of the 'Complete Idiot's Guide' series.

    More and more people are going "veg" these days for a variety of reasons: a doctor or nutritionist has suggested cutting back on or cutting out meat; friends or relatives are making the switch or are making accommodations for family members who will no longer share their steak or seafood dinners. They'd like to try this vegetarian thing, but they have a feeling it might be difficult - and they aren't sure whether they'll have to give up their omelets and the occasional chicken Caesar salad as well. Do you have to go - a-hem - cold turkey, or can you go meatless gradually? Will cutting down provide some of the health benefits of cutting out entirely?

    This book is the perfect introduction to both going meatless and the vegetarian lifestyle, focusing on ways to change eating habits as painlessly as possible, and enjoying vegetarian foods without feeling cheated. It covers both health and psychological aspects, and it doesn't bash meat eaters - the perfect book for someone who's considering all the options where eating is concerned.

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