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    The Complete Idiot's Guide To Interpreting Your Dreams

    By: Marci Pliskin & Shari Just

    Date Released

    Out of Print

    Part of the 'Complete Idiot's Guide' Series.

    You're no idiot, of course. You know that the images and events in your dreams reflect insights into your past, present and future. But when it comes to recalling your dreams and deciphering what they mean, you'd rather go back to sleep.

    Time to wake up! This guide demystifies the dream process, so anyone can embark on a journey into the hidden subconscious. In this guide you get:

    - solid information on why we dream
    - easy to follow descriptions of what happens when we reach REM sleep
    - practical suggestions for remembering your dreams, such as keeping a dream journal
    - useful guidelines for recognizing your dream themes and personal dream symbols
    - valuable warnings about troubling dreams

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