The Cunning Of Unreason by John Dunn
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Making Sense of Politics

Britain's greatest political historian and scientist shows how politics work. Wittily and clearly written, this unique book is the best introduction to the art and the science of politics for the student, the novice and the simply bemused. 'The Cunning of Reason' shirks nothing, no aspect of political thought or theory. It explains first in the abstract (what is politics? etc) and then makes this concrete, tying the ideas into a fascinating re-interpretation of Thatcher's Britain. Dunn shows how this lasted and then fell apart, in all its complexity. The focus then becomes more general, spanning ideas of state, judgment, corruption, democracy and its failings, economics, markets, etc, etc. The final part is one of consolidation: what is political science; what are the implications of our and the world's current political situation and how can we use this knowledge to choose better?
Publication Date:
07 / 08 / 2000

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