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    The Dairy-Free Detox Diet: The 14-Day Plan

    By: Dawn Hamilton

    Date Released

    Out of Print

    Includes 30 Recipes by Jane Sen.

    A 2-week plan to improve your health and well-being and lose weight too by dropping dairy products from your diet and following this excellent 14-day detox plan from the co-author of 'Lose Wheat, Lose Weight'.

    The book provides a simple, 14-day dairy-free detox programme and 30 recipes. It also tells you how to test yourself for a dairy intolerance.

    Everyone can benefit from cutting dairy products out of their diet, especially those who suffer from bloating, respiratory problems, fatigue and many other symptoms linked to food intolerance. Dairy has been linked to a host of health problems, including IBS, PMT, eczema and other skin conditions, rhinitis (nasal drip), asthma, osteoporosis and depression.

    Dairy is one of the key allergy-causing ingredients that people who suspect food intolerance exclude from their diet. This book provides an insight into why dairy is such a problem, the link between dairy and weight and how to rebalance the body's systems (digestive, lymph, skin and lungs) through the dairy-free detox.

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