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    The Devious Book For Cats

    By: Bonkers & Fluffy

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    153 x 221mm

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    Cats once ruled the alleys‚ galleys and the valleys. Rodents trembled in fear. Birds steered clear. Cats took chances. Some lived fast and died young... We were on the prowl.

    But then came a life of domestication that was simply too good to pass up. Humans gave us everything we desired‚ from ear massages and shelter from the rain to cuddle sessions and free health care. In return‚ they were permitted to bask in the majesty of our presence. It seemed like a fair trade.

    Or was it? Has domesticity really been good for cats? What has become of our sense of adventure‚ our sense of independence? Did you know that because of boredom and indolence‚ the average feline today uses up a mere 2-3 of its 9 lives?

    Fluffy and Bonkers think its time to get out of the comfortable back seat of life and regain control of your destiny. They created this manual to teach discerning cats how to wake up a human when they want to get fed‚ how to stare like a pro‚ how to carry yourself in a catfight and - most importantly - how to get away with practically anything. With The Devious Book for Cats you can return to the noble creature you once were and assume your rightful place as the ruler of your household once again.
    Publication Date:
    15 / 03 / 2009
    153 x 221mm

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