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    The Edge of Infinity


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    Can a star collapse to nothing? Is there an edge to the universe? Do naked singularities exist? In his search for an answer to these questions acclaimed physicist Paul Davies provides an illuminating introduction to the physics of black holes and beyond. He explores the close connection between gravity and the nature of space and time and examines the bizarre consequences of gravitational collapse. The sudden implosion of a star may result in a black hole with a singularity - a boundary or edge of space and time - located somewhere inside it. Under some circumstances, however, gravitational collapse could possibly produce a naked so-called singularity, unclothed by a black hole, with drastic implications for the future of the cosmos. Since The Edge of Infinity was first published in 1981 the evidence for black holes has greatly increased. In this updated edition Paul Davies considers the latest research in this exciting and rapidly-developing field.

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