The Giver by Lois Lowry
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Lois Lowry
Date Released
129 x 198mm
Out Of Print

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It is the future.
There is no war, no hunger, no pain. No one in The Community wants for anything. Everyone is provided for. Each Family Unit is entitled to one female and male child. Each member of The Community has their profession carefully chosen for them by the Committee of Elders, and they never make a mistake. Jonas, a sensitive twelve-year-old boy, had never thought there was anything wrong with his Community, until one day. From the moment Jonas is selected as the Receiver of Memory at The Ceremony, his life is never the same. Jonas discovers that The Community is not as perfect as it seems. Although they appear to have everything, they are missing something of great importance. It is up to Jonas, with the help of the Giver, to find what long ago had been lost. And so Jonas embarks on an adventure to save the world as he knows it.

Simply and beautifully written, The Giver is sure to touch the heart of every reader. Lois Lowry deals with issues of everyday life that are so often taken for granted. Through the noble character of Jonas, she presents a glimpse of what could be the future. As the tension in the novel mounts, so does the number of questions that Lowry confronts the reader with. The Giver is a book of courage and adventure, and most importantly, one of deep thought. Once readers make contact with Lowry's treasure, they may never see things exactly quite the same. Lowry presents a forceful novel that demands to be heard and philosophically dealt with.
Publication Date:
01 / 08 / 2014
129 x 198mm
The Giver
For fans of Gone, Hunger Games and Uglies, see where teen teen dystopian fiction all started. Lois Lowry's classic The Giver is a coming of age tale about the power of knowledge and the importance of individuality. Jonas lives in a perfect world with no fear, pain, war or sickness, a perfect society that has converted to the sameness. But life as he knows it is about to change when Jonas is chosen to inherit all memory of the time before the sameness from the one they call The Giver. The more he learns the more Jonas questions the society he was brought up in. The Giver is a special book that has stuck with me a long time. Reviewed by 08sv
, 28/08/2014
The Giver
Jonas lives in a community where there is no war, no hunger or pain. It is through his eyes that we discover he lives in a very different world to our own. A controlled world, where everyone has their path in life chosen for them. Mates are chosen, children are applied for. There is no music, and there are no colours. Even the climate is controlled. By why is it this way, and why isn't anyone asking questions Everything is the way it is and always has been. It is only when Jonas is selected to become the next Receiver Of Memory, we start to discover this world wasn't always the way it is now. A short tale with big possibilities. As Reviewed by 43MS
, 28/07/2014

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