The Grass Is Always Greener And Other Stories - Cassette

The Grass Is Always Greener And Other Stories - Cassette by Jeffrey Archer
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Date Released
101 x 130mm
Out Of Print

Other Titles by Jeffrey Archer

2 Cassettes.
Ready by Andrew Sachs.

Stories Selected from 'To Cut A Long Story Short'.

'The Grass Is Always Greener' - 'Love At First Sight' - 'Crime Pays' - 'The Reclining Woman' - 'A Weekend To Remember' - 'Change Of Heart' - 'Too Many Coincidences'

The latest, and best, short story collection from the master storyteller. These - all new - stories show Jeffrey Archer's great skills with a wide variety of character, of subject and of setting, but all with that wonderful twist to the tale.

Every reader will have their own favourites and the choices run from a study of seven men, each of whom believing he should have the job of the man immediately above him; a shipboard collision leading to a love affair which isn't what it seems; a South African, a long-standing believer in apartheid, having a change of heart; a man who spots a beautiful woman across a crowded railway platform; a criminal who wants the police to catch him so he can live off his ill-gotten gains; a woman who appears to her lover at ten-year intervals; and a Henry Moore statue that disappears and reappears in a different form.

This collection shows Jeffrey Archer at the top of his form. Wonderfully satisfying to listen to and fascinating to discover how many are based on true incidents that Jeffrey Archer has witnessed or heard.
Publication Date:
01 / 05 / 2000
101 x 130mm

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