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    The Inheritance


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    The Flint Hamiltons have owned Furlings, the ‘big house’ in Lymington for the last two hundred years and as Rory FH’s only, much beloved child, 27 year old ‘It Girl’ Tati has always believed she was in line to inherit not only Furlings, but a substantial trust fund to boot. But, when her father dies and she returns to Lymington for the reading of the will, she discovers she has in fact been left with nothing.

    Terrified it would all go on drugs, Rory left the lot to Tati’s cousin, a womanising Australian entrepreneur called Brett Cranley. Broken by her father’s death and ‘betrayal’, and determined to get Furlings back by hook or by crook, Tati cleans up her act and decides to stay on in Lymington taking a job at the local primary school.

    Scandalously, Tati marries Brett and Angela’s 23 year old son, besotted pianist Jason Cranley, in secret the day after he comes into his own trust fund. She uses his cash to start her own private school in London, which becomes hugely successful, a money making machine. Jason struggles as a pianist in London, while Tati single mindedly and ruthlessly pursues her dream of wealth.

    Will Tati succeed in trouncing Brett and getting him out of Lymington for good, or does he still have an ace up his sleeve?

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