The Kym Lardner Boxed Collection - Cassette

The Kym Lardner Boxed Collection - Cassette by Kym Lardner

110 x 142 x 53mm

3 Cassettes.

Kym Lardner has delighted thousands of Australian schoolchildren with his wacky sense of humour. Now his three titles can be enjoyed by even more children at home, in bed or in the car with this wonderful gift box set.

'McMuscles And Other Stories For Giggling' is a hilarious collection of stories. If there's a bully at your kindy and you have no muscles, what do you do? And what are chickens doing in dodgem cars anyway? The answers are even funnier than the questions!

If you've broken something do you tell your Dad . . . or make him guess? 'Sunglasses And More Stories For Giggling' has all the funny answers. And with 'Bandaid And Other Stories For Giggling' we have Kym Lardner's funniest story yet. A bandaid shows you care but what if your Dad won't give you one? Then what?

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