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    By: Jodi Andersen

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    How the Way You Live Shapes the Behaviour of the Dog You Love.

    With more and more pet owners on career paths that require extended office hours, dogs are spending more time by themselves than ever before. Left alone to his own devices, Rover is sure to find many ways to let his owners know exactly how he feels about his isolation, whether by soiling the house of destroying furniture. What many owners find surprising is that many of their dogs' behavioral problems are not the result of poor breeding, but rather environmental conditioning.

    In 'The Latchkey Dog', professional dog trainer Jodi Andersen provides practical advice to help all owners change their dog's - and their own - behaviour in order to adapt to the demanding realities of 21st-century living. The book clearly outlines issues that can cause strife between dogs and their owners and offers helpful tips and techniques to help these companions coexist more happily.

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