The Light Of Other Days by Arthur C Clarke & Stephen Baxter
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Hiram Patterson, head of the giant media corporation OurWorld, is launching the greatest communications revolution in history. By manipulating wormholes in space, his WormCams can connect any point to any other, faster than the speed of light.

Realtime television coverage is here: earthquakes and wars, murders and disasters can be watched, exactly as they occur, anywhere on the planet. And that's just the beginning . . . When WormCams are made to work across time as well as space, humanity will encounter itself in the light of other days.

See the evolution of life! Witness the lives of Jesus and Mohammed! Go to the premiere of 'Hamlet'! Solve the enigmas that have baffled generations! Who killed Marilyn Monroe, Mother Teresa, Diana Princess of Wales? When the world and everything in it becomes as transparent as glass, there are no more secrets . . .
Publication Date:
30 / 08 / 2000

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