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    By: Rosalind Fergusson

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    Abbreviations abound in all walks of modern life. Doctors rely on CAT scans, graduates turn to the DOG, Internet jokes are greeted with LOL, and lonely hearts WLTM someone TDH with a view to TLEH. With over 40,000 entries, this comprehensive dictionary deciphers just about every abbreviation you are ever likely to encounter, whether you are browsing on the Web, listening to the news, buying a house or applying for a job. The New Penguin Dictionary of Abbreviations covers abbreviations from all parts of the English-speaking world, and common ones from other languages. It looks at the abbreviations used in areas such as politics, commerce, science and technology, computing and the arts, and helpful panels collect all abbreviations relating to specific topics (such as accommodation advertisements). Symbols (km. Pb), informal shortenings (Co., technol.) and acronyms (NATO) are included.

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