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    By: Dr Steven Rosenblatt & Cameron Stauth

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    The Safe, New Way to Eat the Foods You Love - and Lose the Weight You Hate.

    Are starchy foods-breads, pasta, potatoes and grains your dietary downfall? Here is a simple, safe, dramatically effective strategy to help you eat the foods you love and lose the weight you hate.

    Starch blockers are the new scientifically tested answer for people wanting to lose weight without giving up the breads, pastas, grains and potatoes they love. They block up to 75 per cent of starch consumed - so you can eat your favourite carbs at a fraction of the calories. Starch blockers, partial proteins made from white kidney beans, are taken before meals and bind to the starch-digesting enzyme, causing starch to pass through the body much like fibre.

    The Starch Blocker Diet takes a three-pronged attack, focusing on eating and how to redistribute calorie intake to tap starch blockers' calorie-neutralising power; on emotions and using starch blockers to regain your feeling of control over food; and on exercise, revealing how starch blockers, by allowing fewer starchy carbs to enter your body, supercharge the fat-burning power of exercise by encouraging your body to burn fat instead of carbs.

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