The Way Of Nowhere: Eight Breakthrough Questions To Release Creativity

The Way Of Nowhere: Eight Breakthrough Questions To Release Creativity by Nic Turner & Nick Udall
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221 x 153mm
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Inspired by the unique practice of 'nowhere', a community of companies that specialise in co–creation – the art of creative and collective breakthrough, this is a book of practice.

Through a comprehensive introduction and sixteen chapters the book maps out ways of helping individuals and organisations to play a more creative role in society and simultaneously nurture our growth and potential along the way. It contains a collection of questions designed to stimulate and enrich our creative capacity. It describes and points to how we can work with some of the underlying and invisible forces at play within organisations, communities and cultures.

And ultimately it reveals a systemic design to help us live in greater harmony and balance with each other and with the planet on which we live. It is about how each and every one of us can find our place – a place where we can deeply connect with our own creative life force and weave it together with the people around us. With practice, you will discover how these questions and insights can release the latent creativity that exists within you and between others – a place where magic can happen – out of nowhere!
Publication Date:
01 / 05 / 2008
221 x 153mm

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