The World's Best Sex Anthology

The World's Best Sex Anthology by David Jones
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For Adults Only

David Jones worked in men's magazine publishing for over thirty years as journalist, editor and, ultimately, senior publisher. Top journals in the field on which he worked included 'Men Only', 'Penthouse', and 'Forum'. During this time, the readers' letters columns were always a mainstay of the textual content. But the main difficulty with publishing such letters, especially readers' fantasy letters, was the problem of space. Almost every such letter had to be edited down from its original length, with much interesting and stimulating material ending up on, so to speak, the cutting room floor.

Now New English Library is publishing, for the first time ever, both volumes of the world's best sexual fantasy letters together in their original, uncut, full-length state.

For Adults Only
Publication Date:
12 / 07 / 2001

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