The X Factor Diet: For Lasting Weight Loss And Vital Health

The X Factor Diet: For Lasting Weight Loss And Vital Health by Leslie Kenton
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154 x 235mm

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You have the power to shed fat permanently - beginning with your next meal!

Do you struggle to lose weight and gain energy? This book can change your life forever - forget calorie counting; shed fat naturally; optimise your health; reset your metabolism; banish cravings; boost energy; move up to a firm, sleek body; slow aging.

A recently discovered cluster of metabolic disorders known as Syndrome X has spawned obesity on a scale never seen before. Syndrome X, also known as Insulin Resistance Syndrome, predisposes us to high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and early aging. It also lowers our energy levels, makes us fat, and keeps us that way.

The major culprit is the high-carbs, low-fat diet we have been urged to follow. Cutting edge research now shows this diet undermines our health and makes many of us fat. Why? Because over a million years the human body has genetically evolved for a totally different way of eating: a Palaeolithic diet rich in non-starchy vegetables and plant nutrients, top quality proteins and omega 3 fats.

Leslie Kenton's scientifically backed X Factor Diet restores normal weight naturally. The X Factor Diet brings fat loss forever - without pills, without hunger, and without hardship. You will be amazed at how quickly your body changes. The result: permanent weight loss, endless energy and a lean strong body for life.

Begin your X factor lifestyle today!
Publication Date:
04 / 01 / 2002
154 x 235mm

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