Till I End My Song: A Gathering of Last Poems

Till I End My Song: A Gathering of Last Poems by Harold Bloom
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230 x 153mm
Out Of Print

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'By definition, all living poets are excluded from this book. Myself seventy-nine years of age, I grieve still for many of these poets who were my friends. But knowledge, not pathos, is my purpose in gathering this anthology. Lastness is a part of knowing.' -- Harold Bloom
Harold Bloom is undisputedly the greatest literary critic of our time. Here, in this delightful anthology, Bloom collects the final work of great poets. There are three kinds of 'last poems' in this anthology. Some literally are the final poems these women and men composed. Others were intended to mark the end, though the poet survived a while longer, and continued to work. A third grouping consists of poems that seem to Bloom to be an imaginative conclusion to a poetic career. In all three kinds Bloom has made an aesthetic judgment: everything in this volume has been chosen because of its artistic excellence. The book will be beautifully packaged with cloth binding, similar to the Waterstone's editions of Penguin classics. A magnificent gift, ' Till I End My Song' is truly a book to treasure.
Poets Include:
John Keats
T.S. Eliot
Alexander Pope
Jonathan Swift
John Milton
Emily Dickinson
D.H. Lawrence
W.H. Auden
William Shakespeare
Dylan Thomas
Elizabeth Bishop
Robert Frost
Walt Whitman
Herman Melville
Emily Jane Brontë
Publication Date:
01 / 10 / 2010
230 x 153mm

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