Toast: The Story Of A Boys Hunger - Cassette

Toast: The Story Of A Boys Hunger - Cassette by Nigel Slater
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142 x 114mm

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4 Cassettes, Unabridged.

'Toast' is top food writer Nigel Slater's eat-and-tell autobiography. Detailing all the food, recipes and cooking that have marked his passage from greedy schoolboy to great food writer, this is also a catalogue of how the British have eaten over the last three decades.

Britain's most popular cook describes his personal culinary odyssey, from dangerous encounters with his mother's weevil-seasoned cakes to being harangued by readers who think he deliberately styles Yorkshire puddings to look like a woman's private parts.

Hilarious, irreverent and mouth-watering, 'Toast' captures 30 years of British cooking and recipes, since the days when a grilled grapefruit was the last word in dinner party chic. Everyone has gorged on cake mix, endured disastrous dinner parties, and put up with a loved one who can only ever produce burnt toast. Nigel Slater is no different.

Hair-raising accounts of hotels modelled on 'Fawlty Towers', the mystery of the disappearing condom and the seafood cocktail, and many more tales take readers behind the scenes of British cuisine to reveal the unlikely origins of one of Britain's foremost cooks.
Publication Date:
01 / 02 / 2004
142 x 114mm

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