Tolkien The Hobbit Calendar 2006

Tolkien The Hobbit Calendar 2006 by J R R Tolkien
Date Released
305 x 305mm

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The Tolkien calendar for 2006 continues in a popular tradition, building on the success of The Lord of the Rings 50th anniversary calendar, presenting art that has not appeared in calendar form for 30 years.

This year's calendar features 15 paintings and illustrations by JRR Tolkien himself, which were drawn by Tolkien when writing his beloved children's classic, 'The Hobbit'. They provide a fascinating insight into how Tolkien imagined the world of Middle-earth would look. The images are accompanied by informative text which explains how they relate to the story and offers information on their content and history.

Also included, by way of a 'poster', are the two colour maps that the author produced to illustrated Bilbo's travels: the first of Thror's Map, showing the location of the Lonely Mountain, the Dwarven treasure and the large dragon that guarded it; and the second of Wilderland, the strange realms that lie over the Misty Mountains into the West.
Publication Date:
31 / 08 / 2005
305 x 305mm

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