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    Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do (And What it Says About Us)

    By: Tom Vanderbilt

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    Get stuck in . . . Traffic.

    Why do some people become demons when they get behind a wheel? Why does the other lane always move faster? Why do New Yorkers jaywalk (and nobody does in Cophenhagen)? And why should you never drive with any beer-drinking, divorced doctors named Fred?

    Driving is about far more than getting from A to B. As Tom Vanderbilt's brilliant, curiosity-filled book shows, it's actually the key to deciphering human nature and … well, pretty much everything. From the etiquette of horn-honking to bumper stickers you should avoid, from gridlock in ancient Rome to why getting rid of road signs actually reduces accidents, Traffic will change the way you see yourself, and other people (and not just through your windscreen).

    'Fascinating, illuminating and endlessly entertaining' Cass R. Sunstein, co-author of Nudge

    'Anyone who spends more than 19 minutes a day in traffic should read this book' Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of The Black Swan

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