Travelling Australia: The Places You'll Go

Travelling Australia: The Places You'll Go by Robyn Ford & Mick Miller

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Or travelling Australia (with his best buddy - a banged up 1968 blue Beetle called "Rocket"). After six times Olympic coach Mick Miller discovered a lump in his neck, he was diagnosed with a rare throat and neck cancer and was suddenly staring death in the face. Finding himself unable to speak and being fed through a tube, Mick decided that if he survived, the recovery path he would take would be a solo journey to see all the beauty of Australia.Mick did indeed survive and after a 70-day intensive treatment in hospital, he packed up "Rocket" with a pup tent, esky, sleeping bag and a blender then headed up the east coast on Highway One.From Bulahdelah to Bruny Island, Mick spent 15 months on the road recording his journey along the way with just an iPhone as his camera. Every couple of weeks he would send a video clip and a bunch of photos to his friend Robyn Ford, who transcribed Mick's wit and warmth into this delightful and life-affirming travel blog.Travelling Australia Mick's Way is a visual memoir of a life journey that makes the reader feel they are seeing Australia for the first time in the company of their best friend. The journey is heartfelt and inspirational.So, go on, take this trip with Mick and experience the people and places he encountered along the way.
Publication Date:
20 / 11 / 2017

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