Triple Cross: How Bin Laden's Chief Security Adviser Penetrated the CIA, the FBI, and the Green Berets

By: Peter Lance

Date Released
152 x 229mm

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The story of the most dangerous tripe-agent in U.S. history, but intrepid investigative reporter Peter Lance.

Peter Lance, author of the highly acclaimed '1000 Years for Revenge' and 'Cover Up', returns to uncover the story of Ali Mohamed - a trusted security advisor of Osama Bin Laden who hoodwinked the United States for more than a decade. As Lance reveals for this first time, this one man served in a series of high-security positions within the United States security establishment -- as a Special Forces advisor, FBI informant, and CIA operative -- while simultaneously helping orchestrate the al Qaeda campaign of terror that led to 9/11.

In October 2000, after tricking three U.S. intelligence agencies for almost two decades, Ali Mohamed appeared in handcuffs and a blue prison jumpsuit in a Federal District courtroom on Manhattan's Lower East Side, where he pleaded guilty five times. His crimes included brokering terror summits, financing an attack on two Black Hawk helicopters, training jihads in improvised bomb building and the creation of secret cells. And yet for decades Mohamed had lived a life of a Silicon Valley computer executive. How did this evildoer move in and out of and around the U.S.? How did he become a naturalised citizen, marry an American woman and infiltrate three of America's top intelligence agencies -- the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency and the FBI? With utter complacency, ruthlessness, and easy, and with no small amount of oversight from the outflanked U.S. intelligence community.
Publication Date:
25 / 10 / 2006
152 x 229mm

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