True Passion: A Tale of Desire as Told to Madame B

True Passion: A Tale of Desire as Told to Madame B by Ann Summers
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Freshly out of a long term relationship, Katie is a woman on a mission: to experience every kinky thrill that life can offer. Bored by the 'vanilla' sex that she's had before, she decides it's time to experiment. Toys, sex clubs, bondage, group sex, roleplay, and more: she's determined to make all her fantasies come true, no matter how long it takes, and how far it pushes her personal limits. Katie loves her adventures in the sexual playground, learning more about herself with every swish of a crop, stamp on a slave and taste of a woman. But when she meets Alex, a sexy older man who thinks kinky sex is wrong, she faces her greatest challenge yet: to bring him round to her way of thinking. She's drawn to his intellect, his sophistication and his twinkling green eyes, but without changing his mind she knows that any chance of a relationship is doomed. After all, she can't face a life of vanilla sex - can she? Although Alex initially falls for Katie's charms, and seems willing to acquiesce to her desires, she soon realises that everything is not as it seems and faces the ultimate dilemma. Should she sacrifice her lifestyle for the man that she loves and accept a life without kink, or are her fetishes more important than her man? Can she really cope with what it means to be vanilla?
Publication Date:
01 / 01 / 2008

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