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    By: Gary S Aumiller

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    When your child is left off the football team, do you go after the coach like a shark? Or do you prefer to fit in with the crowd, like the chameleon?

    We're all animals under the skin, yet we have become alienated with our animal survival instincts. In this book, psychologist Gary Aumiller shows us we have a lot more in common with our fellow creatures than we realise.

    Find out about the eight instinctual survival personalities found in the animal kingdom: the Avoider (rabbit), the Blender (chameleon), the Clinger (remora fish), the Combiner (dog), the Caretaker (dolphin), the Asserter (porcupine), the Gamer (fox) and the Attacker (shark). Which one are you?

    Learn how to tap into the unique animal qualities to improve your relationships with your life.

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