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    By: Dan Baker & Cameron Smith

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    You're Only Six Steps Away from Happiness.

    'What Happy People Know', a mixture of pop-psychology and lay science, is an accessible and authoritative title, which allows everyone to experience Dan Baker's revolutionary Life Enhancement Program, which can turn lives around in a week.

    This amazing work explains that unhappiness is so persistent because it is hardwired into our brains. Dr Baker, an active leader in the positive psychology movement, argues that stress and fear were vital in primitive times, but are destructive for our lives today.

    In his work Baker realised that there are key things that all happy people have in common and from there developed six unique happiness tools that can be incorporated into our daily lives. They are:
    - Appreciating what we have
    - Making choices
    - Biding personal power
    - Leading with strengths
    - Telling healthy stories about our lives
    - Living a balanced life

    We cannot feel fear and appreciation simultaneously and can only be happy by adopting practical steps for appreciating and loving life.

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