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    By: Waller R Newell

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    3000 Years of Wisdom on the Art of Manly Virtue

    In a time when we are debating the wayward course of contemporary manhood, one thing has been missing from the conversation: a source to which concerned readers could turn for guidance and inspiration, a path back to the wisdom of our shared traditions of manly virtue.

    Missing, that is, until now. This book collects 3000 years of the best writing about manhood - from the father-and-son lessons of Homer's 'Odyssey' to Sir Thomas Malory on love, honour and chastity; from Aristotle on courage to Frederick Douglass on adversity; from Shakespeare on leadership to John Cheever on adolescence. Each section addresses one of the distinct virtues of manliness - among them integrity, wisdom, romance and character. The book's closing section, on the confusion of modern manhood, draws on surprising voices including James Dean, David Foster Wallace, and Kurt Cobain.

    An anthology of extraordinary scope and depth, 'What Is A Man?' reminds us all of the relevance of the manly tradition, and offers a blueprint for men eager to uphold the honour of their fathers' legacy.

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