Work Strife Balance

Work Strife Balance by Mia Freedman
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154 x 233mm
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From Mia:

There are many, many books written by successful women who talk about how successful they are and float their theory about how you can get some of that success for yourself if you just Lean In, Say Yes, Live Your Best Life, Beat Your Fear or Sleep More.

Every Woman is not one of those books.

This is also not a book about gratitude or being #soblessed. This is not a gosh-gee-aw-shucks book that shares heart-warming anecdotes in a bid to make me seem artificially relatable. You can't fake authenticity.

This book is not about my journey. It's about yours.

I want this book to be helpful to every woman. And I know from experience the best way to be helpful is to be honest. It's easy to share your successes and your triumphs but the real stuff of life is far less transient: Eating disorders. Grief. Divorce. Losing a job. Losing a loved one. Losing your mind. Infertility. None of these things have rituals. In an age of social media brag-fests they mostly exist underground.

But the way women connect is by sharing failures, disappointments and insecurities. Quietly. Privately. Over wine. Over text. Over fences. Female connections are forged through vulnerability not Facebook brags.

This book is about my most valuable failures, my most significant setbacks and my most mortifying slip-ups in life, love and work. At Mamamia we call it FLEARNING - failing and learning. Learning through failing. In my teens, 20s, 30s and 40s, I've done a lot of both.
Publication Date:
26 / 04 / 2017
154 x 233mm

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