You Are a Magnet by Amber Lyon

Amber Lyon

We each hold the power to attract and build the life we want, the one we deserve, the one we dream of... You are a Magnet offers the guiding principles to start us on this journey towards abundant opportunity, joy and growth.

Amber Lyon, mindfulness and magnetism coach and founder of viral online community, Modern Mind, has changed thousands of people's outlooks through her work - teaching us how to find the magic in discomfort and carve a path for a brighter future using simple thought reframes. In You are a Magnet, using her 4-part framework (Alchemising Fear / Cultivating Courage / The Magnetic Mindset / Living Through Joy), Amber shows us that the light and possibility lies within us, we must simply start by changing the way we see it.

Amber wants to take us to a place that feels expansive, that feels magnetic, to drive us on to reach our full potential and never look back.
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