A Plum In Your Mouth by Andrew Taylor
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130 x 197mm
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Did you know that the court of Richard II spoke in broad Yorkshire? Why don't we speak like we did 40 years ago? Why is one perceived to be richer, taller -- and more attractive -- if one speaks the Queen's English? 'A Plum in Your Mouth' takes an astonishing look at accents and the volumes they speak.

Whether you're a Cockney Sparrow or a Scouser, this is a book you cannot afford to miss. Do you ever suffer from an ''ell of an 'eadache'? Do you live in a 'nice hice'? Do you think of the word 'probably' as two syllables? Wherever you come from, however you sound, whether you life it or not, you have an accent. You cannot afford to ignore it for a second more.

Outrageously funny but astonishingly informative, 'Sunday Times' columnist Andrew Taylor leads you through the history of British accents and how they developed, answering such age-old questions as why grandparents will always disapprove of the way we speak and debunking such myths as the Glaswegian developed because of badly fitting false teeth.

From Liverpool to London, from Glasgow to Galway, from the West End to the East End, our accent say more about us than our football shirts or a business card. It's time to discover what it's saying!
Publication Date:
11 / 12 / 2006
130 x 197mm

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