A Time For Truth Low Price CD: Reigniting The Promise Of America

A Time For Truth Low Price CD: Reigniting The Promise Of America by Ted Cruz
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137 x 147mm

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Since his election to the Senate in 2012, Ted Cruz has refused to go along with the established way of doing business in Washington. In A Time for Truth, the outspoken Texas Senator tells his story for the first time-the story of a Cuban immigrant's son who made it to the Ivy League, to the Supreme Court bar, and eventually the U.S. Senate. It's a deeply personal journey that begins with Cruz's father's experience of brutality in a Cuban prison, and ends with Cruz's discovery that Washington has neither the courage nor the desire to do what is needed to preserve the freedom and opportunities that gave hope to his father, and millions like him.Pulling back the curtain on the backroom deals in Congress, Cruz offers an inside look at what has gone so very wrong in our nation's capital. But he also makes an optimistic case that by reestablishing the principles of our founders, the opportunities for our citizens, and our unique place in the world, we can reignite the promise of America for generations to come.
Publication Date:
19 / 06 / 2017
137 x 147mm

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