Another Weird Year 4

Another Weird Year 4 by H Davies
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176 x 110mm

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The fourth 'Another Weird Year' volume, packed with the last year's weird and wonderful news stories from all over the globe.

In time-honoured fashion, 'Another Weird Year 4' brings you the stories that no lover of bizarre, inexplicable and downright hilarious news items can afford to miss, all handily grouped by theme (Love and Marriage, Law and Order, Animals etc). Read about: the blind man banned from saying 'phlegm'; the woman who bored a burglar to sleep with her family snaps; the woman who seduces men in her sleep; the man who thought he was a cat and got stuck up a tree; another man who got out of his car and took a shower - in a car wash - with his car left outside; the shepherd that had to drive his drunk sheep home; and not forgetting the pigs given a sauna and massage before being taken for slaughter.
Proof again from 'Another Weird Year' that there is humanity in even the weirdest human behaviour. All the stories are true - you couldn't make them up!
Publication Date:
01 / 11 / 2005
176 x 110mm

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