A&R Classics: Exiles At Home: Australian Women Writers 1925 - 1945

A&R Classics: Exiles At Home: Australian Women Writers 1925 - 1945 by Drusilla Modjeska
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128 x 195mm

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'Exiles At Home' traces the lives of a generation of Australia's women writers through letters, diaries, notebooks and the memories of their contemporaries.

At the end of the 1920s Christina Stead had left Australia and was poised to write 'Seven Poor Men Of Sydney'. In London, Miles Franklin was producing her first Brent of Bin Bin book and would soon return to Australia. Katharine Susannah Prichard was enlarging her view of Black and White in outback Australia, and the team writing under the name M Barnard Eldershaw had published its first novel and won the 'Bulletin' Prize. Gathering these writers into a network by her support and criticism was the influential Nettie Palmer.

In the mid 1930s these women, and other writers such as Eleanor Dark, Jean Devanny, Dymphna Cusack and Betty Roland, faced the impact of fascism and the probability of another war.

This immensely readable work is a fascinating insight into the lives of these significant literary figures, and into the creative process itself.
Publication Date:
01 / 08 / 2001
128 x 195mm

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