Best of Friends Unabridged CD

Best of Friends Unabridged CD by Mariana Pasternak
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For more than two decades, Mariana Pasternak and Martha Stewart were inseparable friends. They met as neighbors, suburban wives married to successful men. After both marriages ended in divorce the women became closer than ever, even while Pasternak was struggling as a single mother and Stewart was building an empire that would make her one of the richest women in the world. As Stewart's fame and fortune rose, she pulled Pasternak into a rarely glimpsed realm of power and wealth. Pasternak with her European sophistication, helped smooth Stewart's rough edges as she shifted from Laura Ashley to Armani and from her Connecticut kitchen to the most elegant estates on the globe. In turn, Stewart's spirit of adventure and boundless confidence empowered the more cautious Pasternak. Over time, however, the relationship revealed itself to be one of co-dependence and imbalanced power. Money, men, and the arrogance of wealth began to chip at the bond between Pasternak and Stewart. The twenty years long journey of their close friendship met with a sudden and very public destruction when Pasternak testified against Stewart in court.
In this deeply personal memoir and meditation on women's friendships, Pasternak looks back at her relationship with Stewart--honestly approaching her transgressions, openly addressing what it was like to be in such an intense friendship and grappling with the meaning of the end of a relationship such as theirs was.
Publication Date:
02 / 08 / 2010

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