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    Blank: The Power Of Not Actually Thinking At All.

    By: Noah Tall

    Date Released

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    (A Mindless Parody)

    Stop! Don't think! You already know what this book is about. That is the power of 'Blank: The Power Of Not Actually Thinking At All'. Using what scientific researchers call "Extra-Lean Deli Slicing" (or would if they actually bothered to research it), your brain has already decided whether you're going to like 'Blank', whether its cover goes with your shirt, and whether it will make you look smart if somebody sees you reading it on the train.

    Chances are you and your shirt are both liking it a lot, you're going to buy several copies, and you don't even know why! That's why you've absolutely got to read 'Blank': to find out why your brain keeps doing these wacky things without your permission. In 'Blank', a hilarious parody of the number-one bestseller it looks eerily like (and sort of rhymes with) and that your brain wisely advised you to just read a review or magazine excerpt about while avoiding the actual book itself, the brilliantly impulsive and slightly irresponsible Noah Tall explains how people as diverse as General Custer, Roy Rogers, a semi-famous rock star, and the entire New York City Police Department either won big or lost miserably as a result of their minds going completely Blank.

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