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    Blokes & Sheds


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    Like the dunny, the footy game and the meat pie with sauce, the shed has an important place in Australian culture and mythology. It stands as a symbol of the Aussie male's ingenuity, a testimony to his ability to fix anything with a length of fencing wire, a hammer and a piece of 4" x 2".

    Venturing behind the corrugated iron curtain of this sacred male domain, 'Blokes & Sheds' forages for answers to the most significant questions about shed ownership. Is it good to have a messy shed? Can you hoard too much? What goes on in a social shed? And what about the shedless bloke: is he inadequate or just unfortunate?

    A good shed is packed to the rafters with memories, mystery and know-how. Like a safety valve it releases the pressures of work and family, providing a haven where a bloke can maintain and repair his sense of identity. Any old building will do: the important thing is that it's his.

    In this good-humoured and affectionate portrayal of Australian sheds and their owner-occupiers, author and photographer Mark Thomson peers into the gloom, past the dartboard, the beer fridge and the piles of timber offcuts, to discover what goes on between blokes and sheds.

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