Bluesman by Andre Dubus III
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131 x 197mm

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In 'Bluesman', bestselling author and National Book Award finalist Andre Dubus II captures a roiling time in American history and the coming-of-age of a boy who must decide between desire, ambition, and duty.

It is the summer of 1967, and Leo Suther, with one more year of high school to go, still has a lot to learn. He's in love with Allie Donovan, the beautiful girl who has turned his head ever since she moved to his small Massachusetts town. And he feels a real draw to the blues his father has taught him.

Leo soon finds himself in the middle of a consuming love affair - and an intense testing of his political values by Allie's father, who challenges him on the escalating Vietnam conflict and forces him to examine just where he stands in relation to people in his life.

Throughout his - and the nation's - unforgettable "summer of love", Leo is learning the language of the blues, which seem to echo the mourning he feels for his dead mother, his occasionally distant father, and the youth that is fast giving way to manhood.
Publication Date:
06 / 04 / 2001
131 x 197mm

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