Busting Vegas by Ben Mezrich
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135 x 203mm

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The exclusive, pulse-pounding follow-up to 'Bringing Down the House' -- where the stakes are higher, the players bolder, and the scheme more high-risk.

For nearly five years, Semyon Dukach was known as 'The Darling of Las Vegas' -- the biggest high roller to hit sin city in decades, a hotshot kid with seemingly unlimited bankroll and an even more unlimited lust for big money action. He'd hit the city every weekend, a string of beautiful women at his side -- throwing cash at the blackjack tables in increasingly enormous amounts. Some believed he was a Russian arms dealer, others believed he was a pop start from Eastern Europe. But the truth was even more fantastic: He was a twenty-one-year-old grad student who spoke five languages, an expert in computers and mathematics. He had a plan that would one day make him richer than anyone could possibly imagine. He used his genius to create a dangerous money-making scheme called 'Busting the Dealer' -- a scheme only a mathematics genius could have created. More dangerous than the simpler card counting he had been practicing with other pals -- bolder, badder, and more risky -- 'Busting the Dealer' was easier for the dealer to tell when one was practicing it.

This is the startling true story of another group of MIT friends who changed the course of the Vegas history -- and this time, the stakes have been raised to epic proportions. A tale of monumental excess, sex, love, violence and statistics.
Publication Date:
25 / 10 / 2006
135 x 203mm

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