Cad: Confessions Of A Toxic Bachelor

Cad: Confessions Of A Toxic Bachelor by Rick Marin
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Rick Marin
Date Released
129 x 198mm
Out Of Print

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This vibrantly witty memoir about being newly single in New York caused a media storm.

You know him. He's the funny, sweet guy with the great eyes who asks you a million questions and seems mesmerised by every reply. He takes you on the greatest, longest date of your life. He swears he loves cats and cuddling. And his apartment is so clean. He just might be the One. Then he doesn't call, doesn't write. He sees you coming down the street and he hides behind a tree. He's a cad. And this is his story. After all the girl's guides to sex in the city, here - at last - is the view from the other side of the bed.

In 'Cad: Confessions Of A Toxic Bachelor', Rick Marin offers himself up for an in-depth look at man's superficial nature. In this rollicking, frequently insensitive and ultimately poignant memoir, Marin proves a master of the light touch even in his darkest hours.

Part Hugh Hefner, part Hugh Grant, his tale is a rake's progress (in spite of himself) from incorrigible cad to reconstructed romantic. It is one man's story but many men will read it as their own. And for any woman who has ever wondered What was he thinking? This is what he was thinking.
Publication Date:
01 / 06 / 2004
129 x 198mm

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