Cider With Roadies: From School Bus To Tour Bus Without Ever Growing Up

Cider With Roadies: From School Bus To Tour Bus Without Ever Growing Up by Stuart Maconie
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A life-affirming, hilarious, Spinal Tap-esque pop odyssey from music-obsessed grubby teenager to rock star-hugging grubby music journalist.

Maconie's memoir recounts a life lived for music from his early confessions as a pubescent prog rocker; a boyish dalliance with northern soul, the radical affects of punk on his politics and trouser dimensions; falling in love with music press and teen mags (for when only David Essex's favourite colour will do); playing in a series of shockingly named crap bands and failing to impress girls with his encyclopaedic pop trivia; writing for the NME by accident and his initiation into the big bad world of the music business: meeting his idols, living the sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll lifestyle and the comically tawdry truth behind all the glitz.

An all-star cast including fun with Lemmy, frolics with Morrissey, four minutes with MC Hammer, four days in a van with Napalm Death and stealing the Mayor of Frankfurt's dinner with Simple Minds. Not to mention answering some of the key questions of pop such as: Why does Gregory Issacs only come on stage after the last bus has gone?
Publication Date:
01 / 06 / 2004

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