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    By: Geoffrey Robertson

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    The Struggle for Global Justice

    First used at Nuremberg to condemn the Nazi leaders, the concept of 'crimes against humanity' gave universal recognition to the need to hold political leaders accountable for the wars, genocide and torture which disfigure our world. The arrest of General Pinochet, NATO's action of Kosovo and the events in East Timor are witness to the gathering political strength of the human rights movement. In his powerful and timely book, Geoffrey Robertson QC is cautiously optimistic about bringing tyrants and torturers to heel, but unsparingly critical of the corruption, hypocrisy and political bias of international diplomacy. Nevertheless, as we go into the twenty-first century, we are, he believes, about to enter the third age of human rights - an era of their enforcement.
    'An essential guide for all those who want to understand the central role of human rights in law and politics today... a formidable achievement.'
    David Pannick QC, Evening Standard

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