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    Dancing With The Devil: The Windsors & Jimmy Donahue

    By: Christopher Wilson

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    The Windsors and Jimmy Donahue

    In 1950 James Paul Donahue inherited a $15 million Woolworth's fortune and on the same day met the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. 'Dancing With the Devil' is the remarkable story of their extraordinary friendship. Blonde and slender, oval-faced with slicked-down hair, Donahue was the archetypal post-war playboy. He could fly a plane, speak several languages, play the piano, tell marvellous jokes. People loved him for his wit and charm and generosity.

    Gay at a time when the homosexual act was still illegal, Jimmy was notorious with America's upper class, and loved to shock. Though press agents arranged for him to be seen with female escorts, his pursuits, until he met the Duchess of Windsor, were exclusively homosexual. But when their eyes met - the Duchess was fifty-four, Jimmy nineteen years her junior - an instant attraction was formed. A burgeoning sexual relationship - a perverse sort of love - was formed between Jimmy and the Duchess. Together with the Duke, they became an inseparable trio, the closest of friends. As Jimmy had planned, the royal couple became obsessed with him.

    Sourced from surviving contemporaries, 'Dancing with the Devil' is the extraordinary tale of three remarkable people, and their unique relationship.

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