Dave Gorman's Googlewhack! Adventure

Dave Gorman's Googlewhack! Adventure by Dave Gorman
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Another beautifully pointless adventure from the man who brought you 'Are You Dave Gorman?'.

Dave was supposed to be writing a novel. A science fiction novel, in fact, about a man who discovered a new colour, but because there wasn't a name for the new colour, he couldn't describe it to anyone. Well, you won't be surprised to learn that Dave has given up on this complicated idea. Instead, he has been distracted by a new hobby: Googlewhacking.

He writes, "Google is, of course, a search engine. A Googlewhack occurs when you enter two words, with no punctuation, and discover that out of the three thousand million websites that Google searches, it only delivers one result. Recently I received an e-mail from someone who'd been trying to find a Googlewhack and found that the words namesakes and hippocampi has led him to www.davegorman.com.

I am the only person in the vastness of the world wide web to have both those words on the same page. There are entire pages of the internet devoted to finding more Googlewhacks, it is something of an internet game. (Incidentally, did you know there are fewer syllables in world wide web than there are in www - it is quite possibly the world's least efficient abbreviation)."

A Googlewhack website, is by definition, an interesting website, almost certainly run by an interesting person. Dave has resolved to travel the world via these interesting people. One Googlewhack leads to another and leads to another.
Publication Date:
01 / 03 / 2004

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