Drinking and Dating: How Social Media is Ruining Romance

Drinking and Dating: How Social Media is Ruining Romance by Brandi Glanville
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140 x 210mm

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DRINKING AND DATING is a relationship book for all fans, whether single or married, gay or straight. It is reality TV star and bestselling author (10 weeks on the New York Times list and counting) Brandi Glanville’s outrageous tell-all, which chronicles her stumbling through the world of white-collar felons, social media mishaps, and one-night-stand misadventures.

On the heels of her bestselling DRINKING AND TWEETING, this book takes the reader on a wild ride through Brandi’s life after her husband famously dumped her for a country-western singer. Each chapter is inspired by a relationship encounter she has had with a man (whether romantically or just as friends) since she re-entered the world in 2009 following her sensational divorce.

Always humorous and unapologetic, Brandi tells it like it is. She has an honest and self-deprecating voice that appeals to all types. Whether the reader is a twenty something college student having her first fling, or a 40 year old housewife in Omaha, she will be able to relate to what Brandi has gone through, because even though Brandi is a celebrity, she has the same difficulties meeting people, dating, and making friends as the rest of us. She wants to develop lasting relationships, but it’s a struggle. Readers will respond to this all too human side of the former fashion model as she candidly shares the ups and downs of her search for love. Brandi Glanville is always surprising, never predictable, and her unexpected take on dating and life in general is as unique as she is. Drinking and Dating is sexy, funny, and eyebrow-raising--just like Brandi herself.
Publication Date:
03 / 03 / 2014
140 x 210mm

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