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    Enough About You: The Narcissist's Survival Guide

    By: Mimi E Gotist

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    The Narcissist's 7-Step, 1-Minute Survival Guide to Sacred Spirituality, a Self-Empowered Career, and Highly Effective Relationships.

    A hilarious look at the booming self-help genre. With gentle yet incisive wit, Gotist shows how narcissism is the One-Minute Manager of the 2000s; the Path With Heart of the 21st century.

    You don't need this book. We know that. You don't divert every conversation back to yourself, or drop references to your achievements like confetti at every party, or regard the world and all the people in it as pawns on your own personal chess board.

    But do you have friends or - I'm guessing here - family members who might? Yes, you do. Lots of them. And they have friends, too. Millions of them.

    The potential of 'Enough About You' to tap into the Zeitgeist - indeed, to alter its very course! - cannot be overstated. Consider the competition. What can 'Chicken Soup For The Soul' offer someone who is far too clever to be inspired by page after page of other people's "inspirational" stories?

    What they want is 'Enough About You', a genre-bender of a book: comedy, self-help and social commentary all rolled into one.

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